Radio Taxis are delighted to introduce TEXTPOINT” to our list of booking facilities. Customers can now book a priority taxi from a pub, club, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, or one of the many locations throughout the City, by using a simple unique code.

This service is free and very easy to use, simply text RT, then a space, followed by a unique code, then another space, followed by your name to 64446 and the taxi will be dispatched immediately.

For example, if you wish to book a taxi from the Hobbit pub, text: RT Hobb Sarah to 64446. You will receive a text message saying:

 Your taxi from HOBBIT has been booked. Ref: 123456.

Please note that the reference number that you receive in your confirmation text, saying that your taxi is booked, will also be on the Drivers data screen. This is extremely good for customer safety, as it means you can check that the reference number you have received in your text, is the same as the one on the drivers screen, ensuring that you are getting into the correct taxi.

You will of course, also receive a text message, with the make, model, colour and registration of your vehicle, when it arrives to collect you.

In order to help you, here are a few FAQ’s:


What are the benefits of using TEXTPOINT?

  • You do not have to register to use this facility.
  • No more waiting on hold, on a busy evening.
  • No more using up credit on your mobile.
  • No more trying to find a quiet place to call from.
  • Customers are sent a secure reference number, with the Make Model, Colour & Registration, meaning you can be sure you are getting in the right taxi.
  • Impress your friends.


Do I have to use capital letters to book my taxi?
No, it doesn’t matter, you can use lower or uppercase to book their taxi. Just remember to put RT or rt first, followed by a space, or we will not receive their booking.

Can I book my taxi in advance?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to book taxi in advance with this facility. Please call the booking office on (023) 80 666 666 or email us at [email protected]

How long will my taxi be?
is a priority service and your booking will be dispatched as soon as possible. However, sometimes there are small delays (especially if you have requested a special vehicle, so please bear with us during busy times.

There are 5 of us travelling. Can I still use TEXTPOINT?
Yes you can. We can accommodate up to 8 people in our taxis. To book a multi seater taxi, simply add the number of people travelling (between 5 and 8) to your unique code.
For example if you want a 5 seater from the Hobbit text RT Hobb5 Sarah
(Please be aware there is additional 25% fee for using a Multiseater vehicle).

I wish to pay for my taxi via credit or debit card. Can I still use TEXTPOINT?
Yes you can, as long as your card is a chip and pin card. Simply put a c at the end of your unique code, for example RT Hobbc Sarah.
(Please note that there is additional 10% fee for using a chip and pin vehicle).

Where can I find the TEXTPOINT code for the location I am at?
There is a comprehensive list of text point codes for the majority of locations throughout the City on our website, that can be downloaded at, www.radtax.co.uk but you could also try asking a member of staff, or perhaps there is a poster or a flyer in the venue with the code on it.

I’d like to book a taxi by TEXTPOINT but there is no unique code for the place I would like to book a taxi from. Can I still use TEXTPOINT?
We are sorry there is no TEXTPOINT code at your location. Please call the booking office to book a taxi. Whilst you are on the phone, please ask us to add a TEXTPOINT code for this location, so that you and others may use it in the future.

How much does it cost to use this service?
Radio Taxis does not charge customers to book a taxi using TEXTPOINT, meaning that as long as they receive free texts from their mobile provider, this is a completely free booking service.

I text my booking, but I have not received a confirmation text. Should I try again?
We are sorry that you did not receive a text confirming your booking, please do not try again as there may be a mobile telephone network fault and your taxi may already be on its way.

Helpful PDFs

TextPoint Codes (Frequently Used Codes) TextPoint Codes (Restaurants & Takeaways)
TextPoint Codes (Hotels & Guest Houses) TextPoint Codes (Southampton & Solent Uni & Halls)
TextPoint Codes (In Alphabetical Order) TextPoint Codes (Supermarkets)
TextPoint Codes (Pubs & Clubs) TextPoint Card and instructions


We hope that you enjoy using this new and exclusive facility, however if you do have any problems, please call the booking office on (023) 80 666 666 to confirm your booking and ask if your taxi is on its way.

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