Technical Section

At Radio Taxis we believe we have the most advanced computerised Booking and Dispatch system in the City! Constantly updating our systems and investing in the technology confirms our commitment to provide a premier service to the people of Southampton and beyond.
CLI Booking Screen

Caller ID (CLI)

Caller ID (CLI) allows for the personal touch when booking with us.
Our Ringback system enables us to ring your home telephone once, to inform you when your Vehicle and driver is waiting outside for you.


GPS of all vehicles


Customer safety is very important to us and to help this we have invested in a GPS system to track the locations of all of our cars.
For more information or how to set this up,
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Text Booking

Text Booking

Text Back Picture

Text Back

Our Textback service enables us to send a text to your Mobile phone informing you with the Make, Model, Colour & Registration of the Vehicle that is waiting outside for you.
Our Internet Booking facility is currently exclusively available to account customers Online Booking

Online Booking.

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