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We are Southampton’s leading Taxi & Private Hire Company that provides a top quality service backed up by the latest technology and trained staff. We are on call 24/7 to get you where you need to be in comfort and safety with many useful facilities.

In the Beginning

Radio Taxis was originally the idea of twelve Southampton Hackney Carriage Owners who decided to try and improve the level and standard of the Taxi service in the then town of Southampton. After a very short period of time several other Taxi Owners became interested in the idea and the Association of Radio Taxis was established in March 1972. This Association was formed with a total of twenty-nine Taxis.

   Radio House

New Name

The Association operated successfully for twelve years building an unequalled reputation for a quality service. Therefore because of its success the Association was then dissolved and the Company of Radio Taxis (Southampton) Limited was registered in November 1984.

The Business

The Limited Company is owned by fifty Shareholders and along with a large number of contracted Owner-drivers operates the current fleet of approximately two hundred & fifty Hackney Carriages & Private Hire Vehicles. This in turn involves approximately three hundred & thirty drivers to keep the vehicles available twenty fours hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year


The Company has evolved with the City into a large and expanding force in and around the Southampton Area and now offers several other very competitive services to the whole Taxi Trade in the South as well as the best possible service to the every growing number of customers.

The Company is a leading supplier of Digitax Electronic Taximeters, Hire Signs and Verifeye In-Car Cameras as well as having a comprehensive radio and data equipment fitting services and aerial supply and fitting services.

It has also developed links with many British and International customers and is a member of the Cabcharge Network, a taxi credit card for business customers world wide. There are credit account facilities available for corporate customers and a large number of the vehicles have been equipped with Chip & Pin terminals that accept all major credit cards. The Company also operates electronic banking for corporate customers and suppliers as well as its own owners and drivers.


The commitment to provide the best Taxi and Private Hire service possible has led to the Company investing heavily into new technology and equipment over recent years. The long-range radio system, the computerised call taking system and the secure data transfer system has, through continual development, improved the accuracy of the information both from the customer and to the drivers.

For approximately 8 years the Company very successfully operated its own in house Data System, however after those early years where development of this technology was very slow, it soon became apparent that the new communication technology was advancing very quickly and the Company could not afford to ignore the various facilities now available. Therefore once again the Company has invested and modernised its systems but this time using a tried and tested system that shows potential to develop even more new facilities in the future.

The facilities that are being currently available for its customers enable them to use the Company’s web site www.radtax.co.uk to book their transport and to request a Chip & Pin vehicle to pay by credit card, Customers can make bookings using their mobile phones and authorised customers can automatically book regular trips using landline touch tone phones. Customers can ask for “Ringback” when talking to one of our telephonists, and the driver will ring the customer’s phone once to inform them the taxi is waiting outside. This is especially helpfully at crowded functions or restricted parking areas. If the customer has made a Text booking their mobile phone will be automatically sent a text message telling them their vehicle is outside with the make, colour and registration of the booked vehicle. This facility adds an important level of safety especially where customers may feel vulnerable.

The Company is working towards the use of loyalty cards where your transport can be prepaid to reduce the need to carry cash or where cards can be sent to clients, guests or given to members of your family to ensure their travel arrangements are secure.

Leading the Taxi Trade

Radio Taxis (Southampton) Ltd. has always pushed the boundaries to expand the services to customers and its members and all other local Taxi and Private Hire companies have tried to keep up with its advances. It was the first with computerised booking and dispatch systems which are run fully automatically and this coupled with its extensive and thorough accounts package gives the Company an unequalled quality and efficiency appreciated by its many corporate and private customers.

The Company is always looking towards further future development and has noted with interest the current trends in technology. Radio Taxis (Southampton) Ltd. has always been a leader in the Taxi and Private Hire trade and intends to remain so for a long time to come.

Mission Statement

Radio Taxis (Southampton) Ltd. has always been committed to improving the standard of Taxi and Private Hire Services in the area of Southampton. The Company believes that these standards can be extended to all outlying areas and intends to initiate a network of companies to give all our customers a smooth and high standard of operational service no matter where they travel in this country.

Also it is the Company’s intention to improve the security and standard of work for all owners and drivers of Taxis or Private Hire vehicles associated with the Company. These two basic goals will be to the benefit of everyone.

The Company will continue to develop systems and be open to all innovations the future brings.
The governing bodies in this country still to a large extent restricts and discourages the necessary development of businesses and technological improvements that would benefit at a reasonable cost the majority of people living in and funding this very country as well as the environment. With so many people, skills, companies and industries being driven from the country the remaining few that are still working are now paying a high price to keep the country functioning. Apathy, lack of any standards, distrust in all authority, waste of resources and personal greed is slowly choking the economy and it should be remembered it is easier to lose than to gain.

With the opening up to the world markets via the internet and the effort to standardise the monetary systems, it was hoped it would encourage every country’s development, but again with little control over international terrorism and crime these hopes are being undermined. The Company hopes that the governments will eventually realise they are there to work for the betterment of the people they represent and then maybe we can return to improving everyone lives. The Company does not intend to just give up like others already have and it intends to keep on working towards a better future for all.

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